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அரிதரிது மானிடர் ஆதல் அரிது

மானிடர் ஆயினும் கூன்குருடு செவிடு

பேடு நீங்கிப் பிறத்தல் அரிது – ஔவையார் (Avvayyar)

To be born as a human is a rarity, that too a birth without hump, blindness, deaf and sickness is very rarity. In fact, I would say it’s a gifted life.

All Gifts are valuable and it’s precious, irrespective of the person or the price of the gift.

We give protection to safeguard and maintain the gift. On the other hand, we use many tools to protect our Homecare products, Vehicles, and our life.

A helmet is a form of protective equipment worn to protect the head. The helmet was discovered during excavations by James Curle during 1905 at the Roman fort of Trimontium,

Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of death and head injuries also reduce the risk of serious brain injury. Helmet absorbs the serious impact before a fall or collision.

Few of them from the age group of 18 to 30 avoid helmet by saying, it’s too hot and may lose my hair. 

Few of them will not buy because they use their motorcycle for short distance and it’s not necessary to wear.  Few may claim that they drive lesser than 40kmph.

But Helmet is compulsory and must use ….

Key points to be noted before you buy Helmet.

  1. It should be right fit for your head.
  2. The buckle must be easy to use and remove.
  3. Fully covered Helmets are safe and will also protect your face.
  4. Do not buy a Helmet for namesake
  5. Should be very ease to wear and to remove.
  6. If you have the habit of wearing spectacle or power glass, your helmet should accommodate free and vision should be clear while you drive.
  7. Buy it for a pillion rider and ask them to wear.
  8. Wear it or make a trial before you buy the helmet.
  9. Go for a tested and certified, quality with a good branded helmet for your safety first.

 Other points are

  1. Do not insert your mobile phone inside your helmet.
  2. Use the front glass to protect your eyes and skin from pollution and dust.
  3. Clean your helmet glasses with proper cleaner and cloth to avoid scratch and insect.

Meant for safety and protection, Use it, Be safe and protect your loved one from an accident, Brain injury and from death.

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