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V-Bath latest’s campaign #IssuedInPubicInterest focuses on women’s intimate hygiene issues

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V-Bath, an intimate hygiene brand for women by Lupin has launched a campaign #IssuedInPubicInterest which focuses on vaginal health and highlights the importance of intimate hygiene, a topic largely ignored in IndiaThe campaign has been conceptualized and executed by SoCheers, a digital-first marketing & advertising agency.

For the campaign, SoCheers decided to take a creative approach to the trending ‘issued in public interest’ angle, to connect easily with young millennial audiences.

Commenting on the campaign, Rajni Daswani, Director at SoCheers said, “Vaginal health is not something you hear people talking about. Overall expressions of hygiene issues ‘down there’ are kept reserved for a visit to the gynaecologist. Through the #IssuedInPubicInterest campaign, our intent is to get people to talk about it openly and make them realise the importance of intimate hygiene. We are happy to partner with Lupin Life in taking forward this message to the women at large.”

Studies highlight that 45% of women suffer from common vaginal problems, which affects their quality of life; 25% of women suffer from abnormal discharge once a month, a survey revealed. Around 50% women prefer to suffer in silence instead of talking about it or getting help. 

Women often choose to not focus on their intimate hygiene issues and shy away from speaking about it. To break this taboo in India, V-Bath launched its first digital campaign; “Sahi Baat, V-Bath” in 2019, which aimed at spreading awareness about the need to start conversations surrounding vaginal health problems. #IssuedInPubicInterest builds on their previous campaign and focuses on creating awareness about the benefits and importance of an intimate wash as well as bringing attention to the fact that ignoring intimate hygiene is not okay any longer.

The campaign is live on V-Bath’s social pages and is centered around conveying the intended message. To help spread the message to a larger audience, V-Bath joined hands with popular actor Shweta Tripathi Sharma, popular digital influencers  like Dolly SinghAhsaas Channa and Divya Agarwal and popular TV actress Kishwer Merchant. The campaign also included a Mother’s Day home-shot video made and produced by SoCheers Films, which highlights the importance of intimate hygiene in your daily routine.

The campaign is live across all social media platforms with #IssuedInPubicInterest. Check them here

The source :- 4PSnews.com

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