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Siddha Medicine: Its Basic Concepts – by Lalit Tiwari

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According to tradition, there were 18 Siddhars (the person who has achieved some extraordinary powers): Nandi, Agasthiyar, Thirumular, Punnakkeesar, Pulasthiyar, Poonaikannar, Idaikkadar, Bogar, Pulikai isar, Karuvurar, Konkanavar, Kalangi, Sattainathar, Azhuganni, Agappai, Pumbatti, Theraiyar and Kudhambai, but the Agasthiyar (Agastya) was the topmost. He is regarded as the originator of the Siddha medicine and also of the Tamil language. He occupies the same position as Hippocrates in modern western medicine. In the period of Ramayana, he seems to have settled in the South. Thus the origin of every tradition in the South, including language and culture, is traced back to Agastya

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