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Productivity is energy

by ayutam-admin

Productivity is the talk of the Globe

Efficiency is the ability to do things well with expected results. Efficiently we can measure the volume of output with the volume of input that will define Productivity.

There are many different definitions of Productivity it all depends on the principle of productivity.

Productivity is a key element in the performance of a person, company, any tool or machine, Country, etc In fact many times the productivity set a benchmark the performance or a result.

There are many types of Productivity:-

  1. HR measures employees Productivity
  2. Auditors measures Managements productivity
  3. Rating companies or Market Measures Companies Productivity
  4. Nation Productivity depends on increasing citizens living standards
  5. Business productivity ……..

Overall in Global Economy and Business productivity is slow due to COVID – 19.

But the change is inevitable, Time and Technology have changed. Every day we get new updates on technology, science, Engineering, and from various industries. We get all related information from various internet sites and it’s been marketed by social media and spread across the world by news channels.

Today we have everything, we know everything, and there are many open resources for normal people to high tech people, and it’s wide open to all.

But many times we feel that it is too much information and we are unable to load everything.

When we have many options in life or many opportunities or many doors are open we take time to analyze things.  We take notes and start to scrutinize one by one.

This means the selection part may be connected to our focused goal. We examine each and everything and will try to keep the final list.

Filter for Bulls Eye

Later from the final list we again inspect and filter furthermore or shortlist which will have an only limited source.

We will again narrow our focus and ensure to have a highly effective selection process and eliminate unwanted things because it will disturb us or it will be waste of time or its time for us to delete it from our list or from our mind.

Now we have a fresh and final list with limited data can figure it with one hand. But still, we are not happy or with more curiosity, we would like to keep our focus on bull’s eye.

At final we have only one strong, determined focused goal and have the clarity to work more to bring results.

Now we feel proud that I have a focused goal, can achieve things faster with great effect within a short span of time. 

Can we call this Productivity?

Productivity means a lot, it will vary from person to person, But we assure you that the productivity brings you happiness, satisfaction, confident, will make you fly, bold enough to communicate or talk about your success and you feel that the world is in your hand and there are many, many things.

2020 Year Goal Planner and Journal: Personal Goal Setting Planner Journal with Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Goals Planner, Habit Tracker and Productivity Tracker

What is one thing that all successful people have in common – they read.

There are many books which inspire your life, We are glad to suggest few books talk about productivity , Performance and Success is the only Option.

Think and Grow Rich

Productivity Ninja

 The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Rich Dad and Poor Dad

The Richest Man in Babylon

The Compound Effect

The Chimp Paradox. Read more

Ultimately Productivity will change you and you will change other’s life results in emerge as a great leader.

We keep writing more about productivity and we wish you all success.

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Magnet June 30, 2020 - 6:57 pm

Hi, nice article.

Sekhar July 2, 2020 - 6:41 am

Action and performance leads to productivity. By constant improvement and applying will improve your own productivity. You need to measure it constantly so that you are not stuck with your performance levels

Hariharan July 7, 2020 - 6:09 am

Very beautifully written Sir,


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