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Best quality of Fresh Juice – Healthy Welcome Drinks

frutta wedding pack - Best quality of Fresh Juice - Healthy Welcome Drinks

Source and Thanks to Frutta

Best quality of Fresh Fruits and Milkshakes

Fresh juices & milkshakes

With no preservatives and

Added colour

Shelf life of 24 hours

Ability to manufacture

Huge volumes of juice and


Timely delivery, eliminating

The need for storage



Mint Lime | Nanari Lime | Ginger Lime | Grape
Lime | Fresh Lime

Keeps you hydrated, rich in Vitamin C and great
for digestion.

Fruit Juices

Watermelon | Grape | Muskmelon | Pineapple
P o megranate
Helps in getting the daily source of vitamins and
minerals and goes perfectly with a meal.

Mango Milkshake | Banana Milkshake
Oreo Milkshake
The perfect drink for your taste buds.

Exotic Milkshakes
Kitkat Milkshake |Badam Milk | Butterscotch Milk
| Cold Coffee | Rose Milk
A great complement to all your special occasions
and events
Cut fruits & healthy snacks
• Rich in fibre content
• Available in compact packs
• Easy to eat on the go
Fruit balls
• Special fruit dish, ideated and created by Frutta
• Makes an evening snack very interesting
because of the unique presentation
• Apt for younger audience.

Easy to carry, high quality
recyclable food grade bottles