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Perfect Science How to remove Negative Thoughts from the mind.

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how to remove negative thoughts from the mind:

We have samskaras to get negative thoughts in mind. Your samskaras are the subtle impressions your actions leave in your deep mind field (subconscious).

You’re constantly creating those subtle impressions, and you carry them with you from one life to the next. Samskaras govern everything you are now. Another way to put this is that your present state is a direct result of all your past actions -both good and bad.

Your bad samskaras are clouding your awareness, keeping you from enlightenment. Your good samskaras are propelling you towards enlightenment. As you clean off your bad samskaras, your perception clears. You become able to experience more of reality. Samskaras create your thought and behavior patterns, causing you to act or react in specific ways.

Tired of a recurring pattern in your life? Find and dissolve the samskara underlying it. Then you can create a new, healthier samskara and behavior pattern.

Don’t worry. Clearing samskaras is easy with the right tools.

How samskaras form

You form samskaras through your experiences –particularly your actions, reactions, words and thoughts. Notice the ‘you’ in the preceding sentence.

You form your samskaras by the way you act and react. No one else forms samskaras for you. People around you can do evil deeds, but it’s your reaction to their behaviour that determines whether a good or bad samskara forms in you.

If you react with kindness, love and mercy, you create a good, helpful samskara in yourself. When you react in anger, greed or selfishness, bad samskara forms that will cause you more suffering later. If you perform an action enough times, under great stress or with pure intent, a behaviour pattern results. It can be a good, desirable behaviour pattern that helps you and others or it can be bad harmful behaviour.

Source and thanks to ~ Swami Sarvapriyananda ~ Ramakrishna Math

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