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People are highly educated and the media exposing all possibilities and keep transparent the updates about universal business and trends.

Online Coaching getting popular within the last 12 years and establishing a concept that anybody can coach.

Earning money is not easy but it’s not hard to earn. But you can’t expect to earn online money overnight to become a billionaire.

Online coaching is significantly different from the traditional coaching.

Traditionally teaching the subject is the most challenging task. Similar to the traditional way online teaching and doing business and educating skills and knowledge are also highly challenging.

To begin with you must know about your niche.

What is the meaning of niche?

Google dictionary says

a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

Products are not niche, but you can see how the product is developed or designed.

Products are developed based on the problem experienced by the people.  Based on the problem the products are created which might have given a solution to that problem.

You may call it as a problem solving skills.

Your right niche will make you Rich, why because the marketing concept reveals that if you how to solve the problem of your targeted people or your target market, people don’t mind paying for your immediate service.

How to select your niche ?

Your business is based on your core niche. Like if you are a charted accountant, you might have a focus on Auditing.

Auditing will be your core niche and verifying accounts and other financial books, IT filing, and consulting will be your core responsible areas.

Your niche is Auditing and you are passionate of doing this consulting business will solve many of your valuable clients problem which inturn will bring more revenue to your business.

So fining niche is not an easy task and your need to do lot of research on this.

If you want to start your offline or online business and unable to find your right niche!

We are here to solve your problem and identify your right niche and we will guide you as a life coach to bring glorifying success to your business.

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