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knowledge is wealth

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Our Great Thiruvalluvar clearly emphasising the importance of knowledge.

sendra idaththaal selavitaa theedhoree-i
nandrinpaal uyppa thaRivu – Kural 422

English Couplet 422:

Wisdom restrains, nor suffers mind to wander where it would;
From every evil calls it back, and guides in way of good.

The mind is always listing various things and will keep moving towards evil list to worst list. The real knowledge will control our mind to travel in a good way. Few people think that Muscle power or money rules the world, it is wrong. The ultimate power and wealth is knowledge, it is unshakable and cant destroyed by any peril or human.

Thiruvalluvar says that knowledge helps us to differentiate between good and evil. Education is the right choice and the only option to get knowledge. Everyone must come forward to Educate others. It is highly important that we have the responsibility to create awareness about the essence of education.

You will agree with me if a person has the knowledge and if he is blind, will not be considered as a blind. But if a person lives without knowledge will be considered as he is visionless and blind.

Its is high time to accept that Knowledge is power and knowledge is wealth.

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