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Knowledge is Power

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We give importance to many valuable things in our life, like Education, Money, Happiness, Health, love, etc. etc.,  Our parents insist on us to focus more on education, later work, spirituality with a good quality life.

We might have come across many ups and downs in our life and might have seen or experienced.

Whenever we fall or face any recession our savings helped us a lot. We learned savings habit from our elders or advised by professionals for better, safe retirement without any financial crisis.

We might have paid our last respect to relations, friends or colleagues or seen many causalities at the time of perils or disaster.

We may come to the point that nothing is permanent in life, except our knowledge. Money may come and go, people may come and go, things may come and go, but our knowledge stays with us and no one can take it from us.

Let’s focus more on developing knowledge because knowledge is power.

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