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Google Classroom getting support for more Indian languages, other features to enhance online learning.

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With an increase in adoption of Google Classroom in India, the company has decided to enhance the experience more for all students, teachers as well as parents as it plans to bring additional updates and new features. One of the new features is that the company will add 10 more Indian languages including Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and Urdu. These come along with more controls for managing virtual classrooms and free temporary recordings.

It is to note that Google Classroom is already offering support for 45 languages and will soon be extending support to 54 with an aim to make the platform more accessible for learners. Apart from this, the company will also be including some stats to enable educators to track the performance of students and their interaction in a virtual environment. According to Google, there will be more seamless integrations for content and learning tools that schools use. Further, it is likely that Google may make the Classroom mobile apps work effectively at a time when Internet access is not stable. All teachers and students will also get to-do and to-review widgets shortly along with some easy sharing of links.

According to Bani Paintal Dhawan, Google Head of Education (India and South Asia) said in India, Google Classrooms has grown 300 percent in India as many schools, and other educational institutes adopted the application during the Coronavirus pandemic. To be sure, Google Classrooms has already signed an agreement with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in order to train Indian teachers on how to conduct classes in the virtual room.

The company also has plans to roll out features that will give teachers some control over the class. The recent development, which is likely to be introduced soon, will provide the ability to prohibit participants from joining the ongoing class after they have been outed or denied entry twice on Google Meet. Teachers will also be able to accept or reject many requests in a one go or disable in-meeting.


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