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Source and Thanks to Frutta

Frutta was founded on Feb 2017 by the alumni of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). We help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and promote the habit of consuming fruits & fresh juices on regular basis by providing convenience and flexibility.

All of our products are manufactured from fresh, carefully chosen fruits. Manufacturing is done at our facility spanning 3500 sq.ft, with stringent monitoring and quality assurance processes. We are FSSAI certified and scheduled checks are performed daily to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and quality. Great advantage for Marketing and Brand Promotion.


our customers can choose from any one of our three delivery methods based on their needs and we ensure that quality products with a consistent taste are delivered on time.

Why buy from Frutta ?

Fresh juices & milkshakes

With no preservatives and

Added colour

Shelf life of 24 hours

Ability to manufacture

Huge volumes of juice and


Timely delivery, eliminating

The need for storage



Mint Lime | Nanari Lime | Ginger Lime | Grape
Lime | Fresh Lime

Keeps you hydrated, rich in Vitamin C and great
for digestion.

Fruit Juices

Watermelon | Grape | Muskmelon | Pineapple
P o megranate
Helps in getting the daily source of vitamins and
minerals and goes perfectly with a meal.

Mango Milkshake | Banana Milkshake
Oreo Milkshake
The perfect drink for your taste buds.

Exotic Milkshakes
Kitkat Milkshake |Badam Milk | Butterscotch Milk
| Cold Coffee | Rose Milk
A great complement to all your special occasions
and events
Cut fruits & healthy snacks
• Rich in fibre content
• Available in compact packs
• Easy to eat on the go
Fruit balls
• Special fruit dish, ideated and created by Frutta
• Makes an evening snack very interesting
because of the unique presentation
• Apt for younger audience.

Easy to carry, high quality
recyclable food grade bottles

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