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This morning as I started from home to school, I saw a lot of things. As I was travelling by cycle, I got an opportunity of observe my surroundings. I saw people rushing to reach their office. I saw parents taking their children to school. I saw taxi drivers waiting for their customers. I saw people in their balconies doing nothing.  I saw workers waiting at the bus stop. I saw hungry men eating in a road side stall. There were huge number of trees in few areas while there were none in other places. Few roads were smooth as cream while few roads had a lot of stones and damages. Everywhere I saw, there was one thing is common, Building, Building were everywhere. Some big, some small, some colorful, some single colored, some decorative, some plain, some innovative, some carved. It was actually very beautiful to go through a road which was protected from sunlight by trees on both the sides. The rad was above average but not very good. But the trees made it possible for me to reach the other side of the road. 

By Subhasri Ranjani.

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